I was in an attack and defend match in Calypso Casino tonight. I was playing defense, but I only knew one other person on the defense team. The assault team was a fairly weak team, so it should have been a piece of cake, right? Wrong! Because in this scenario, the only players on the entire defense team who were speaking were… you guessed it… me and my friend.

Now winning on defense is easy with a good team… and even with a bad team so long as everyone is talking so people can jump in and cover where others have died. And especially crucial are those little tidbits like “Watch your back, elevators” or “there’s a guy in the sniper spot” or “skylights”. These all help you get on top of the enemy. But for the entire first five minutes of the game, nobody spoke except me and my friend, and this was despite the two of us giving specific warnings to team members by name, to which they physically reacted to so we knew they were listening. And even asking positions on other players or “XYZ, where did you just die” elicted zero response.

It wasn’t until we were about eight minutes into the match… by which point assault had the package since whoever was covering escalator or the front of the vault never bothered to alert anyone when they died… that we finally heard the first word spoken by someone else. And what was it? Yep, “Fxxk”.

But just a heads up to the Fxxk guy, chances are pretty good if you had spoken up long before that, you probably wouldn’t have needed to say that word in the first place. So plugin those mics, and then be sure you use them.