Okay, all you Rainbow fanboys and fangirls (especially the H20s that constantly ask me!) here are some new videos. They show some conquest battles (in the MLG map that is available through GameStop preorder). I promise I will do another post on what I think of the new game based on the info that has come out so far, but I figured I’d get the videos out to you first for your viewing pleasure.

First, here is an old Raven Shield map Oil Refinery (was also on the original XBox Rainbow Six 3). I compared it to my old version of the map, and it still looks as confusing as I remembered it… and a better server room has been added this time around. The differences seem to be some catwalk type areas that have been added. And the textures look so much better.

Import / Export is another map they’ve added from the original Rainbow Six 3, and it was deja vu when yo start the map and go into the first main building, but much prettier. I like those funky louvered doors you can peak through now.

This one shows a short conquest battle on Convention Center, note all the MLG signs, so this could be that MLG Map. Motion sensors sound the same in Vegas 2.

And another one showing some different areas:

Here is one called CQB (guesses anyone, I could be mising the painfully obvious).

This one is called Villa, and it looks awesome.

And lastly, the second Developer Diary, all on multiplayer and co-op.