January 6th, 2009

25 signs you are a video game overachiever!

Can you name your gamerscore? Check. Do you know where you were when you heard that the Halo3 trailer was finally released? Check. Do you have Twitter just so you can get MajorNelson’s tweets? Check. To see if you are a true Gaming Angel and video game overachiever… see just how many of these you can check!

1. You have taken a day off work to coincide with the launch day of a game.
2. You have stood in line for a midnight game release.
3. You have called in sick to play instead.
4. You have taken your Xbox, PS3 or desktop computer on vacation with you.
5. You have spent more than 10,000 XBL points.
6. Your gamerscore is 10,000 or higher.
7. You have attended MLG, E3, or any other video game event.
8. You have turned down sex to game, or have seriously pondered if you could do both at the same time!
9. You have stayed up gaming for 24 straight hours.
10. Someone has tried to talk to you about your “addiction”.
11. Your Halloween costume is a video game character.
12. Your tattoo is a video game character.
13. You named your console.
14. You have pondered what it would be like if the game was about Mistress Chief instead of Master Chief.
15. Not only do you own all the current gaming consoles, but you also kept all your old consoles dating back to your original Nintendo. (And bonus points if you still have your Atari or Intellivision!)
16. You own one of those rare girly-sized shirts with a video game logo on the front, and wear it at least once a week.
17. You have had a dream where you have imagined yourself inside a video game world.
18. You have convinced at least one of your non-gaming real-life friends to buy a console to get on and game with you.
19. You can name the launch dates of at least 10 games you bought but can’t remember your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife’s birthday.
20. You have gotten carpel tunnel, and instead of taking a break, have gritted your teeth and played through the pain.
21. You count the time since you last turned on your console in minutes.
22. You check Xbox.com from work or your Blackberry, just to see if you have any messages and who is playing what.
23. You have more friends on your Friends List than real life friends in your cell phone.
24. You met your wife/husband-to-be in a game… and bonus points if you plan to have a virtual ceremony as well, so your gaming friends can watch your avatars get married too (yes, it’s been done!)
25. You name your first-born after a video game character (also been done!)

I originally published this as a guest author on Gaming Angels, but the sight seems to have gone AWOL.

July 21st, 2007

Listen up guys, here is how to tell if that player is a chick

Frag Doll Valkyrie has a great post over on the Frag Doll blog about how to tell if that person you are playing with is a real live girl, or just one of those pre-voice-cracked little, um, boys, you come across.  First hint, they are waaaay more annoying than just about any chick you will find playing any FPS game.

 The number one rule that will allow you to hit the jackpot of usually MANY girl gamers is that they tend to travel in packs. Yes, there are those females that get jealous of other girls and want to be the only girl in the guild or in matchmaking rooms, but these are far and few between. Many females find a sanctity and bond in relating to other girl gamers, so if you find one, chances are she has at least ten more females on her friends with who she runs around questing or beating down the bad guys. In other words, befriend ONE girl gamer (the right way) and you almost certainly will meet a few more very, very quickly.

Read the full blog post here.

Some interesting perspective, although I do wish I could find more girl gamers on Rainbow, I can count on one hand all of the chick Rainbow players I have come across in matches on one hand… unless some of them just aren’t talking during matches.

July 20th, 2007

Are you a girl?

Are you a girl?  Yep, this is probably the question I get asked most when I game… it either comes as I am talking in-game (and racking up the kills) or when someone sees my pink and purple camo as I run around Calypso Casino in Rainbow Vegas.  Yep, I am a girl.  And this is my Bad Girl Gamers blog so all you guys out there I school can find out that there actually are some kick ass gamer girls out there that know how to play… and know how to handle their frags.