Frag Doll Valkyrie has a great post over on the Frag Doll blog about how to tell if that person you are playing with is a real live girl, or just one of those pre-voice-cracked little, um, boys, you come across.  First hint, they are waaaay more annoying than just about any chick you will find playing any FPS game.

 The number one rule that will allow you to hit the jackpot of usually MANY girl gamers is that they tend to travel in packs. Yes, there are those females that get jealous of other girls and want to be the only girl in the guild or in matchmaking rooms, but these are far and few between. Many females find a sanctity and bond in relating to other girl gamers, so if you find one, chances are she has at least ten more females on her friends with who she runs around questing or beating down the bad guys. In other words, befriend ONE girl gamer (the right way) and you almost certainly will meet a few more very, very quickly.

Read the full blog post here.

Some interesting perspective, although I do wish I could find more girl gamers on Rainbow, I can count on one hand all of the chick Rainbow players I have come across in matches on one hand… unless some of them just aren’t talking during matches.