There are eleven new weapons being added to Vegas 2.

P99 (Pistol)
Type 05 JS (SMG)
FNC (Assault)
L85A2 (Assault)
AKS-74U (Assault)
M468 (Assault)
500 TACTICAL (Shotgun)
L96 Arctic Warfare (Sniper)
SR-25 SD (Sniper)

The SR-25 SD is a sniper you can put a silencer on. Silencers will increase accuracy but reduce the amount of damage they make when compared to the same weapon without the silencer. And the love-it-or-hate-it noob cannon, aka the XM-26 LSS, has a reduced rate of fire now… will be interesting to see if it will still end up with a perma-ban by most hosts when they start up their new games. And in terrorist hunt you can now have to primary weapons, both for single player and multiplayer hunting.