I can handle a few glitches in a game, but while I do like Two Worlds, it is becoming a lesson in how high I can make my stress level… seriously. Here are a few things that have happened.

  • Jumped behind the structure where the fire element was… then discovered there was no way out, so I had to return to a previous save.

  • Got stuck on two staircases on two different occassions… Yep, had to return to a previous save, and none of them were too recent.
  • Screen froze multiple times after teleporting… you guessed it, previous save time
  • My horse and I got stuck under a tree branch, took forever for some wildlife to discover us and attack.
  • And now, after slaying about 30 Orcs in ::spoiler alert:: Ashos, I am now stuck on a door frame inside a three-room house. Unfortunately, the floor is littered with orcs but none alive to kill me.

And yes, there are potions that are poisons, BUT they don’t allow you to drink them unless you have a higher HP than what it will poison you with. And I have no teleporting stones with me (although that wouldn’t have helped me with the fire element since I would have permanentl lost it them).

ARGGHHHH…. And did I mention one of the achievements is glitched, so that nice 1000 gamer points is actually only 930, with still no game update to fix it.

So what I really really want is some way I can commit suicide so I can teleport to the nearest healing site and get my game going on without having to go back to the previous save.

Added: So here is how I unstuck myself from the edge of the door frame. I summoned an Octogron who went off to kill nearby Orcs and opened the front door of the house as he did so. I took advantage of the opened door to fire a fireball at an Orc I could see, who then came in to attack me… unfortunately, he was doing it pretty slowly while he shot me with an arrow, but it worked in the end with my death and respawn out near the former Zombie infested house.

Do I recommend the game? If you are an RPG (Role Playing Game) fan and remember to save often, definitely. If you are wanting to try an RPG for the first time, go for Oblivion (Elder Scrolls) instead… much better, one of my favorite games, and the only one I have my perfect 1250/1250 achievement points in!