You will currently find me on:

  • Rainbow Vegas
  • Oblivion
  • Call of Duty 

Rainbow Six Vegas.  Definitely my top game, been playing it on the original Xbox since the original Rainbow Six game came out.  Rainbow Six Vegas was the first time playing any Rainbow game where I have actually come across another female playing.

 Oblivion.  Not really a FPS, but man, talk about an obsession.  All 1250 achievement points down. How I would have loved traveling around Cyrodiil in a multiplayer environment though.

Gears of War.  Played this more as single player, or with friends on multiplayer. 

Splinter Cell series.  Played it much more on the original XBox, it was released too close to Rainbow for me to put as much time into it as I would have liked.

Gun.  Pretty fun, wished it had a multi-player.  Picked this up after noticing a friend playing it.